We provide Operations and Maintenance support and Technical support to our clients to help them to achieve their objectives.

We can work with our clients at each stage of the project lifecycle:

  • Input and advice during design stages.

  • Support and advice through the construction phase.

  • Commissioning.

  • Optimisation of the process.

  • Commercial Operation.

  • Upgrade / Improvement.

Support can include:

  • Design / Engineering input – ALM, HAZOP, review etc.

  • Trouble shooting.

  • Defect management.

  • Maintenance planning and management.

  • Outage planning and management.

  • Process optimisation and improvements.

  • Operational assessment.

  • Management system assessment / support.

We work with our clients to understand their key drivers and priorities. Our services are tailored to suit our clients’ requirements and we look to develop long term partnerships to deliver best in class plant operation.

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